Ammonoidea Illuminated is a series of reconstructive works on ammonoids, spanning their entire temporal range (Devonian-Cretaceous.)  Reconstructions take sedimentology and morphological cues from exceptional fossil preservation into account, and may be revised as new information is made available.

They have been exhibited at major institutions worldwide, and were recently awarded Special Mention in the International Award on Science Illustration, an annual event put on by the Spanish National Museum of Natural Sciences and the Catalan Association of Science Communication. They also featured in a Talk at Google  in 2018, are soon to appear in Fossil News Magazine, and will be released in an upcoming book, and ProgPal2020, along with countless other images that have yet to be released.

Choosing to depict the ammonoids as plausible marine creatures rather than aliens in a textbook, the author hopes to shine a light on the extinct group of animals that calls to mind the threat of extinction faced by marine invertebrates today.

Kate's 2020 talk about reconstructing cephalopods based on paleontological data at Progressive Palaeontology 

The Palaeontological Association at University of Leeds, UK

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